West coast LEadership Conference

The West Coast Leadership Conference (formerly known as “Ridin’ the Right Seat Conference”), is an annual conference dedicated to bringing in the best instructors in the American Fire Service to the Pacific Northwest. We have changed the name and goals of the conference to reach all levels of firefighters; from rookie Firefighter to Fire Chief. This year the conference will again be held in Spokane, WA and will feature three educational tracks; Firefighter, Company Officer and Chief Officer. Each Track is designed for those in that current rank or those who aspire to promote to the next rank.

What to Expect

The West Coast Leadership Conference has collaborated with the best instructors in the world to cover the most timely and important topics facing those in the fire service in 2024. More than a conference, our mission is to bring firefighters from all over the country together to create relationships and build far reaching networks. Each day is followed with a group dinner and social gathering to foster comradery and build these social networks. If you don’t leave the conference recharged and inspired to be a better Firefighter, Fire Officer, or Fire Chief, we will give you your money back.


May 6th, 7th, 8th, 2024


Spokane, WA
Spokane Convention Center
334 West Spokane Falls Blvd


The Davenport Grand by Marriot 


Conference Schedule

Group Sessions

Monday 0830-10:00: Chief Frank Leeb
Presenting: Fire Service Cornerstones of Success
Monday 10:15-12:00: Firefighter Jeff Rothmeier
Presenting: Cultivating Aggression
Tuesday 08:30-10:30: Chief Corley Moore
Presenting: Down and Dirty Decision Making
Tuesday 10:45-12:00: Chief Ben Fleagle
Presenting: Developing Trust at Every Level
Wednesday 08:30-09:45: Chief Steven Shaffer
Presenting: The Beacon Street Fatality Fire
Wednesday 10:00-12:00: Captain Michael Dozier
Presenting: The Winning Firehouse: Unwritten Rules to Great Culture

Evening Social Events

The evening social events are an opportunity to get dinner and some drinks with all the conference attendees including instructors.

Monday, May 6th @ 1800: Evening Social

Davenport Grand Hotel Restaurant
333 West Spokane Falls Blvd.

Tuesday, May 7th @ 1800: Evening Social / Charity Fundraiser

Dry Fly Distilling
1021 W. Riverside Ave

Wednesday May 8th @ 1800: Evening Social

The Onion Bar & Grill
302 W. Riverside Ave.


Afternoon Tracks

Firefighter Track

Monday: Firefighter Jeff Rothmeier
Presenting: Decision Making for the Fire-Ground 
Tuesday: Captain Derek Roberts and Anthony “AC” Casanas Presenting: Roberts Rules of Order
Wednesday: Chief Rob Fisher and Captain Ryan Scellick
Presenting: Creating Strong Truck Culture with Variable

Company Officer Track

Monday: Chief Corley Moore
Presenting: The 9 L’s , The Tools You Need to Build a
High-Performance Culture Within Your Organization
Tuesday: Chief Frank Leeb
Presenting: Operational Considerations for Fires
Involving Lithium-ion Batteries
Wednesday: Captain Michael Dozier
Presenting: The Company Officer: The Good, The Bad,
and The Ugly

Chief Officer Track

Monday: Chief Frank Leeb
Presenting: Common Occupancy, Uncommon Response
Tuesday: Chief Corley Moore
Presenting: REPERCUSSIONS: How to effectively
manage conflict, discipline, poor attitudes and bad
Wednesday: Dr. Kristine Medyanik
Presenting: Leading in Crisis

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